The Integrated Muslim

I want this photo series to encourage Muslims, especially among the younger generation, to contemplate, change and adapt to German societ.y I have captured real-life moments to stay an authentic observer. I don’t want to give the impression of a utopian vision. I chose this topic because I think of myself as a pious, yet enlightened and integrated Muslim who considers Germany as his home. I also want to address Germans with my series, so that they let go of prejudices. Many texts have been written on the subject, but people are too lazy to read them. Photos, on the other hand, immediately force the viewer to engage and interpret. A picture says more than a thousand words. And the 1,000 words within an image are stronger and more effective than 1,000 words in a text.

There are other books beyond the Quran. Everyone has an obligation to educate himself, in order to contemplate in a serious way. This picture shows my bookshelf, containing philosophical treatises and translations of the Quran.By Yusuf Evli
The woman on this picture appears unassuming on the first sight. Yet for me, she is representative for Muslims in Germany, being integrated without giving up Muslim values. Being a part of the crowd symbolizes her participation in society.By Yusuf Evli
This photo depicts friendship of teenage girls of different creeds: A Jewish girl (left), a Muslim girl (middle) and a blonde German Christian girl (right). By Yusuf Evli
This image shows a Muslim businessman, praying in his shop. He offers services and thus serves the welfare of Germany in general, without the need to give up his values.By Yusuf Evli
This picture is meant to reach young Muslims: It’s a circle of friends that excel in education and complete their high school exams. By Yusuf Evli
This photo shows a young Muslim in a church, expressing interest in other religions. By Yusuf Evli