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zenith Photo Award 2013

Muslims in Germany (2013)

The second edition of the zenith Photo Award featured an especially wide variety of Muslim life in Germany, ranging from Indonesian students to bi-religious couples to Ahmadiyya communities.

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Professional Photography
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Amateur Photography
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Popular Choice
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That year the debate on the role of Islam and the acceptance of Muslims in Germany flared up once again with two controversial groups reiterating long existent prejudices: On the one hand, militant Salafists promoting their fierce interpretation of Islam went as far as attacking police in Cologne, creating a picture of ever-more radicalizing Muslim migrants in Germany. On the other hand, the NSU, a formerly unknown group of clandestine neo-Nazi terrorists that killed at least nine immigrants, filled the headlines of national media outlets, prompting fears of a growing Islamophobia. Against the backdrop of this tense atmosphere, it appeared all the more important to create space for a realistic representation of everyday Muslim life in Germany and to critically question common prejudices on both sides.


Marcel Mettelsiefen

Marcel Mettelsiefen is a photojournalist and documentary filmmaker. He has been covering conflicts in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and Libya. His documentary Watani – My Homeland was nominated for the 2017 Academy Awards. Marcel Mettelsiefen is also a member of the editorial board of zenith Magazine and was Head of the Jury for the zenith Photo Award in 2011, 2013 and 2014.

Klaus Brinkbäumer

Klaus Brinkbäumer is Editor-in-Chief of German magazine Spiegel.

Marion Horn

Marion Horn is Editor-in-Chief of German magazine Bild am Sonntag.

Carol Körting

Carol Körting is Photo Editor ¬at German magazine Leica Fotografie International (LFI).

Süleyman Bağ

Süleyman Bağ has headed the Berlin office of Turkish newspaper Zaman and is Editor-in-Chief at the German-Turkish Journal (dtj).

Sawsan Chebli

Sawsan Chebli was the first spokesperson for intercultural affairs of the Berlin Senator of the Interior and Sport. From January 2014, she was deputy spokesperson for the Federal Foreign Office under Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier in the government of Chancellor Angela Merkel.

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