German-Senegalese Friendship

Since April 2012, the Tilman Riemenschneider Grammar School has been developing friendly ties with two Senegalese schools in Kaolack. In April and May of this year the partnership reached a high point when six students and their teacher, Mr Diouf, spent two weeks visiting us in Osterode am Harz in order to experience daily life in Germany. The guests were billeted out to host families and in addition to attending school they worked on a project about ‘football migration’. During this time there was a lot of language and cultural exchange and the students experienced so many unforgettable moments. Together we selected 12 images from the visit, under the title ‘Friendship,’ which depict the group situations and all of which testify to a peaceful, fun and intensive communal learning experience. Given the language differences it wasn’t always easy, but all students got on extremely well and everyone learned a lot from everyone else. There were numerous situations that had to be worked out with gestures and mimicry instead of words. The guests, all of whom were Muslim, got to know Germany as an open-minded and hospitable country. Our families were delighted by how friendly and polite the young Senegalese students were. Bridges have been built between Senegal and Germany, friendships even, which now continue on Facebook and so on.

It is Abdoulaye’s first time riding on such a contraption. Joy is written all over his face, as well as Moustapha’s, on the tractor behind.By Tobias Rusteberg
Marie and her partner Assa Marie enjoy the boundless freedom of the outdoors.By Tobias Rusteberg
Khady and Assa Marie try out a trampoline for the first time. Their host sister Louisa feels weightless.By Tobias Rusteberg
Senegalese teacher Mr. Diouf takes a rest from the bustle of everyday life in Germany.By Tobias Rusteberg
Thanks to her trust in her host sisters, Khady overcomes her fears and rides a bike for the first time.By Tobias Rusteberg
After a only a few moments on the tennis court, the dynamic, mainly between Moustaphe and Abdoulaye, is palpable. Ndeye Sokhna waits for the next game.By Tobias Rusteberg
No one can come between good friends... Khady and Louisa stick together.By Tobias Rusteberg
Fully focused on the unfamiliar flying object – Moustaphe in action.By Tobias Rusteberg
German-style emancipation: Mika and Abdoulaye prepare a meal.By Tobias Rusteberg
Assa Marie, Yaye Fatou and Ndeye Sokhna experience the atmosphere at a Hannover 96 home game for the first time ever.By Tobias Rusteberg
Khady Ka gains experience as a pizza chef, watched over by her German host father.By Tobias Rusteberg
Abdoulaye and Aylin concentrating intensely on the shuttlecock.By Tobias Rusteberg