My father and a handful of friends bought a cow for the feast of sacrifice. It is one of the most important tasks a Muslim can do to come close as possible to God. But there are many rules to follow, otherwise the sacrifice isn't one. To slaughter an animal in a halal way is far removed from the stereotypical barbaric pictures I had seen before in the media. It's a beautiful organic farm in the middle of Hessen, run by a friendly German family, with a woman in charge. The cow was calm, not stressed. She was strong and had a happy life on the fields for more than two years. Abdullah, a friend of my father's ever since they came from Turkey to work in Germany 1971 as "Gastarbeiter", was the man with the most experience to make a clean cut with the knife.

The animal must not have any disqualifying blemishes, it must be strong and in very good physically condition.By Ugur Yildirim
You have three days at the feast of sacrifice holiday for halal slaughter.By Ugur Yildirim
The butcher has to receive an appropriate salary.By Ugur Yildirim
Bid god to take the sacrifical animal: "Bismillâh, Allâhu Akbar".By Ugur Yildirim
Halal slaughter is allowed for women.By Ugur Yildirim
Best animal for sacrifice is a fully grown grazer...camel, cow, sheep or goat.By Ugur Yildirim
One third of the meat is for the owner, one third is to give as a present and one third is for charity.By Ugur Yildirim
Poor people are exempt from sacrificing an animal By Ugur Yildirim
You can share a camel or cow with seven men, but a sheep or goat you can sacrifice alone.By Ugur Yildirim

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