London Calling

With my street photography series "London Calling" I want to show that in open-minded London being Muslim is not such an extraordinary thing, and not just since Sadiq Khan, a Muslim, was elected mayor of this melting pot. Islam and Muslim people are an integral part of London society. The question whether this religion should be visible in the public space and how much space it should be allowed to occupy does not arise there in the way that it does in Germany, even in Berlin. You stumble across Islam all over the city in various ways - you find mosques, people, street art and even advertising.

A young woman is checking her phone at a crowded market in London's Eastend.By Medienbearbeitung Fachteam 1
Two police officers walking down Whitechapel Road .By Medienbearbeitung Fachteam 1
View from Golborne Rd. at brutal Trellick Tower and Al Manaar Mosque in West London.By Medienbearbeitung Fachteam 1
An Advertising for an islamic radio channel on a typical red bus near Tottenham Court Road.By Medienbearbeitung Fachteam 1
Three muslim girls enter the East London Mosque for Friday prayer.By Medienbearbeitung Fachteam 1
The floor mat at the prayer room entrance of London's Central Mosque.By Medienbearbeitung Fachteam 1
Two girls doing some window shopping in East London.By Medienbearbeitung Fachteam 1
The famous graffito of street artist Stik near Brick Lane Mosque in London's Eastend.By Medienbearbeitung Fachteam 1
A picture of the Kaaba with a quotation of Sura 3:103 at the wall of a fastfood restaurant in Goodge Street near Soho.By Medienbearbeitung Fachteam 1
In overcrowded City of Westminster a veiled woman takes a selfie.By Medienbearbeitung Fachteam 1
A branch of the contemporary Muslim fashion brand called "Arabian Nites" at Whitechapel Rd.By Medienbearbeitung Fachteam 1
Pure unadulterated religious kitsch at a market stall at Whitechapel Rd.By Medienbearbeitung Fachteam 1

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