Daily Life

Today Islam is a constant and indispensable reality of the cultural, religious and political landscape of Europe, especially Western Europe. My reportage photographs people in their daily lives. It is in these simple moments that the difference fades. People's clothes indicate difference, but in their daily thoughts and problems, the everyday, all those differences are canceled out.

Walking along the streetBy Paolo Iommelli
Mother with childrenBy Paolo Iommelli
Waiting for the tramBy Paolo Iommelli
Boys coming back from schoolBy Paolo Iommelli
Shopping in the centerBy Paolo Iommelli
Take hold of the thoughtsBy Paolo Iommelli
Looking in the bagBy Paolo Iommelli
Still imageBy Paolo Iommelli
Towards the houseBy Paolo Iommelli
A long phone callBy Paolo Iommelli
I make my way backBy Paolo Iommelli
Walking with the babyBy Paolo Iommelli

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