Rome-Dhaka: 0 Miles

Rome, Pigneto district: the heart of the Bangla community in town.

A mainly Muslim community which pursues the aim of integration, maintaining and reinforcing its roots while observing our laws and customs.

Here we show their children, second-generation Italians: They study Italian language and speak in Bengali, they are Rome soccer team supporters and wear the panjami.

Every morning those kids go to school with their Italian counterparts to learn our language and culture. In the afternoon they wear their traditional dresses, study the Quran, take part to traditional ceremonies and play together.

So they aren't Italians but Bangla kids in Italy: Stronger and more sane than those who simply try to ape their host, simply because they maintain their original culture, religion and traditions: this is their way to achieve the "Rome-Dhaka=0 miles" objective.

Mahya is playing with her sister outside their home in Rome. Two girls, a toy gun, a wonderful day.By Massimo Podio
In the afternoon, after school, Bangla children play with each other in a playground. Before going back home, they’ll go to the Mosque to study the Koran.By Massimo Podio
Bulbul with his young students inside the district Mosque: Koran, Arabian language, Bangla history and culture: an important mix so they do not lose their roots.By Massimo Podio
Genuary, the 6th: an entertainer reads Italian and Bangla tales to a varied audience, as a way to teach to accept and to appreciate different cultures and traditions.By Massimo Podio
Eid Mubarak, an important Muslim festivity, publicly celebrated to approach and meet Italian people. Two disorientated girls attend at the prayer with their fathers, standing among a lot of adherents.By Massimo Podio
Mountain studies his ancestors language and the Koran, never giving up his hat with his preferred soccer team symbol.By Massimo Podio
Close relatives and old friends stay together at Bachcu’s home to attend the Iftar.By Massimo Podio
In Prenestina street, Rome: a young mother drives her daughters to the Italian school to learn the Italian language, Roman history and a geography very far from their own country’s geography.By Massimo Podio
February, the 21th, at midnight. Kabir and his son attend the International Mother Language Day: a very important celebration about Bangla people’s roots.By Massimo Podio
A Bangla boy was killed by an Italian boy because of racism. Pigneto district’s inhabitants is closed to Bangla people. Among them, Munna stands with some classmates.By Massimo Podio

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