In Malaga, as in any other city, diverse communities coexist. One of these communities is the Muslims. Islammalaka is a project with which I have entered the Islamic community of this city, to know and understand Muslims better. It shows how they live their religion here and how they adapt to local life. They study, work, and have fun without neglecting their beliefs. I have seen that they are peaceful, they preach love to God, people and tolerance.

Nabila and Boutaina have fun posing for the photos.By Mª Victoria Cañedo
Ahmed and Rashid posing at their grocery shop.By Mª Victoria Cañedo
A child is imam during the celebration of Children's Day.By Mª Victoria Cañedo
Women praying in the mosque.By Mª Victoria Cañedo
Self-portrait in the company of some Muslim women during the celebration of Children's Day in Ramadan.By Mª Victoria Cañedo
Young Muslims celebrating Ramadan Iftar on the beach.By Mª Victoria Cañedo
Muslims praying on the beach after Iftar.By Mª Victoria Cañedo
Young Muslims on the beach at another time of the prayer.By Mª Victoria Cañedo
Nur and Karima on the beach, after Iftar in Ramadan.By Mª Victoria Cañedo
Firdaus, Shiran and Sara are friends and pose for the photo by the sea.By Mª Victoria Cañedo
Muhammad, a Syrian refugee in Malaga, remembers with sadness the life he left behind in the city of Homs.By Mª Victoria Cañedo
One day after the attacks in Barcelona, I went to the Mosque of Fuengirola and found all the staff very dismayed by what happened. Ahmed and Kamal, Imam of the Mosque of Fuengirola, pose with an Islamic message.By Mª Victoria Cañedo

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