Inauguration Day

This is about the Inauguration Day of Prof. Dr. Serdar Kurnaz, who currently teaches Islamic Theology at the Hamburg University. Serdar was born in Remscheid/Germany, studied Islamic Theology with focus on Islamic Jurisprudence in Frankfurt, where he also completed his PhD. At that point he was just 28 years old.

We met up with him early in the morning to have breakfast and take the train to Hamburg afterwards, where he was going to hold his Inaugural Lecture as a Professor for Islamic Theology in the evening. This series contains pictures which I made during our trip to Hamburg. All photos are taken with a 35mm lens on a Fujifilm X Pro 2 body.

The shoes are matching to his eyes. 10:42. Resting a stop after three hours of working in the passageway. An anomalous crowd in the train this morning.By Hureyre Kam
Wow. Or wāw. The letter "looks like an embryo, reminding of the creation of men. also resembles a kneeling man in prayer." The encyclopedia says it is "the sixth letter and stands for al-wāḥid".By Hureyre Kam
It feels like a beautiful day in autumn. Just that we have spring. Seven hours to go.By Hureyre Kam
A Zimtochino. "Tastes like cold Sahlep."By Hureyre Kam
15:18. Still over two hours to go. Long hours are best dealt with by taking a walk. Listening to: Dylan, man in me.By Hureyre Kam
17:54. Nearly there. Serdar is getting warmed up. Without coffee. It is just me who needs some coffee. The sun is shining.By Hureyre Kam
18:43. The title is: complicated. He says: complicated stuff.By Hureyre Kam
19:38. Done. The young are proud. The others, too.By Hureyre Kam
This is an example for photographical misleading. There is no tension at all in the conversation. It is a friendly and respectful chat.By Hureyre Kam
Aftershow Party in academia.By Hureyre Kam
This is called "the hangover".By Hureyre Kam
At the Alster. His favourite one from this series.By Hureyre Kam

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