Encounters at the Museum

Multaka Photography Workshops / Johannes Kramer
- Encounters at the Museum -

The project “Multaka: Museums as Meeting point” organised some photography workshops in 2016, where refugees from the Muslim world and “Berliners” met one another in the Museum for Islamic Art, Bode Museum and the German Historical Museum. The result from this encounters are photos that reflect roots, ways of life, thoughts and wishes of the participants. Participants opened not only new public spaces for themselves, but also turned the objects into their own, making them a part of their biographies. This how they actively inscribed themselves in the cultural landscape in Berlin and beyond.

Shadows of historyBy FMIK e.V.
The lost dreamBy FMIK e.V.
Home away from homeBy FMIK e.V.
Between war and love I amBy FMIK e.V.
CounterpartBy FMIK e.V.
Home sweet homeBy FMIK e.V.
In anticipation of a miracleBy FMIK e.V.
Canova and the danceBy FMIK e.V.
Close upBy FMIK e.V.
LifelinesBy FMIK e.V.
The color blueBy FMIK e.V.
Aleppo in betweenBy FMIK e.V.

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