Future Kids

fu|ture kids [ˈfjuːtʃɐ kɪdz]:
expression of hope
positive vision of a mulitilingual, multiethnic generation

The photographer Doro Zinn explores the lives of four young individuals through essayistic portraits, photographed from summer 2016 to summer 2017 in Berlin. Leila, Ilhan, Mohammed and Coco grant the viewer a look into their lives, set between 60’s tower blocks in Neukölln, historic buildings in Kreuzberg and sport grounds in Moabit. A search for answers to their identity, being children of Muslim immigrants from Jordan, Turkey and Palestine. Four stories that each have their own way of dealing with the past and the future, with places of (imagined) existence, with what defines home and with growing-up.

Photos, essays, poems and songs written by them will be included in the book that will be self-published at the end of September.

She was born and grew up in Berlin, Neukölln. Her parents are arabic Turks and came to Germany as guestworkers, By Doro Zinn
Ilhan was born in Berlin-Neukölln and still lives there. His mother immigrated from Turkey, his father is the son of Turkish guestworkers. By Doro Zinn
The tower block in which Ilhan's family has an appartement on the ground floor. By Doro Zinn
A plant on one of the tower blocks around Kottbusser Tor, where Coco lives.By Doro Zinn
Leila identifies as arab-turkish-german.By Doro Zinn
She was born in Düsseldorf and grew up there and in Berlin. Her parents came to Germany as guestworkers, always hoping to return to Turkey one day.By Doro Zinn
Coco is dreaming of having a farm outside of Europe.By Doro Zinn
He was born in New York, but moved to Germany when he was still a toddler. His roots are in Palestine, from where his father emigrated.By Doro Zinn
One of Leilas dreams is to be able to provide for her family and buy them a house in Rudow, a suburb in Berlin's South. She studies to be a teacher.By Doro Zinn
She quit her studies in maths and philosophy to move to her grandparent's village in the mountains of Turkey, where she lived for two years and married Onur, a shepheard.By Doro Zinn
One of Mo's defining influences is the Hip Hop culture - he is a rapper and dancer. Generally he says the ideal way of dealing with a multicultural background is to pick the best of all different cultures.By Doro Zinn

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