Khaled´s Ramadan

Ramadan is an important date in the Islamic calendar, but this year it has become even more special for Khaled. It is the first time he will celebrate Ramadan in his host town Granada (Spain) where he arrived after fleeing in 2015 from Homs (Syria).

This is a story about how the Muslim community based in Granada hosts their refugee brothers in Europe. This is a story about how they try to share and show their culture to the Western Europe, in order to be respected and accepted.

The Muslim community held a public prayer in a central place of Granada, on the 10 of June 2017 to show Occidental society their prayers and their traditions during Ramadan. By Carlos Gil
Khaled leaves his home to go to the mosque in the Dhuhr hour, the midday prayer. Khaled explains that during the Dhuhr, the sun is at its highest peak and therefore “the shadow measures the same as the person”. By Carlos Gil
Khaled goes to the Halal butcher shop to buy food for the Iftar evening.By Carlos Gil
While Khaled organizes the groceries, Hamsa, his daughter, walks around the house. The baby, who is two years old, was born in 2015, before they left Syria.By Carlos Gil
Aya, Khaled´s wife, makes the dinner during the day. By Carlos Gil
During the Iftar evening, Khaled talks about how much he misses spending Ramadan in Syria. Buying typical Syrian products in Granada is almost impossible.By Carlos Gil
After breaking the fast of Ramadan, Khaled prays in his house. He explains that to pray it is not necessary to go to the mosque, you just need to face towards Mecca and make all the prayer movements. By Carlos Gil
Khaled often visits Cartuja’s Mosque which is located in the north part of Granada. Before the Salat time, he talks with some friends.By Carlos Gil
Khaled reads the Quran before the fast break at the Cartuja’s Mosque.By Carlos Gil
Cartuja’s Mosque attracts a large number of followers. The neighborhood, where it is located, has a big Muslim community. By Carlos Gil
During dinner time there are always messengers who run between the tables to bring whatever is missing, so everybody is satisfied during Iftar. By Carlos Gil
The Muslim community made a public Iftar in a central place in Granada, on the 10th of June 2017 to show the Occidental society their prayers and their traditions during Ramadan.By Carlos Gil

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