Ramadan in Istanbul

I feel I am an intruder. I know what it is, I lived with Muslim boys during university, I shared with them the sacrifices and joys of Ramadan. But here, in Istanbul, I seem to violate a sacred temple, I'm ashamed of being a tourist. I have only a rangefinder camera and a 35mm lens, I’m keeping a low profile, not to be intrusive. I'm afraid to disturb them.

Bad feelings vanish right away. I am impressed by the reception and tolerance of these people. The fatigue dissolves in a smile, sweet eyes, children's games. Everyday activities. And prayer, of course.

Then comes the evening, and it's a party. For everyone.

The two women sit at the bar, but they do not take anything.By Carlo Riggi
Woman acquires sweets to eat at sunset.By Carlo Riggi
Despite the fatigue of fasting, the woman gives me a sweet and warm smile.By Carlo Riggi
A team of chefs rest while waiting for make dinner.By Carlo Riggi
The feet are cleaned thoroughly.By Carlo Riggi
The woman is dressed in a very traditional way, with style and beauty.By Carlo Riggi
The young girls are totally absorbed in their prayer.By Carlo Riggi
The boys also wash carefully their feet.By Carlo Riggi
The child enjoys himself under the protective gaze of women.By Carlo Riggi
Men are absorbed in their prayerBy Carlo Riggi
The girls have fun running in the mosque.By Carlo Riggi
“Religion is beautiful morality”, written on the Rüstem Pascià mosque.By Carlo Riggi

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