The jury's description of the nominee: 

"The Jury appreciated the lyric and poetry with witch Ayse Avid constructed the artistic universe and the “theatre” of each photography; we specially loved the beauty and the colours of “Diana and Samira (mother and daughter) refugee Muslims from Chechnya”. Avdic achieved to transmit quiet messages through body language to bring together these two different worlds (Islam and Christian/European culture) that are clashing in Europe.


The time we live in is a time of change and transformation. Two different worlds are clashing in Europe and that encounter gives both sides the chance to change their point of view and expand their thinking. There is so much to learn, even if we are not speaking the same language. There is something besides language that connects people. It is a universal language, that lets us see deeper and understand, quiet messages that are carried to us through body language. Their souls made visible for our eyes, then we can learn to hear and understand a new view (through dancing, music, meditation, prayers, to find inner peace). Beliefs, ideas and common values are part of the shared identity of European Muslims nowadays. They are a chance to connect, to grow together and learn from one another.

Diana and Samira (mother and daughter) refugee Muslims from Chechnya.By Ayse Avdic
"By Ayse Avdic
"By Ayse Avdic
Cesilia shows us the effect of praying that leads to ease of mind.By Ayse Avdic
"By Ayse Avdic
Two different cultures comes together to exchange, healing through contact. By Ayse Avdic
"By Ayse Avdic
Rujin from Syria, a refugee Muslim living in Berlin, Germany. By Ayse Avdic
"By Ayse Avdic
"By Ayse Avdic
Music is his way to express himself.By Ayse Avdic
Self-reflection is his strength to understand himself and others.By Ayse Avdic

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