Present yet invisible

The central focus of my work is people on the edges of society. As a Slovak, I found myself being in outsider in Germany, lacking language skills and ignorant of the cultural codes. But this handicap came in handy, as it allowed me to approach my environment free of prejudice. In Berlin, the Muslim community drew my interest. Although Muslim life is a distinct feature of several Berlin neighbourhoods, this community appeared alien and distant. This series aims to capture the discrepancy that in my view is distinct for Muslims’ existence in Germany: on one side their undeniable belonging to German culture, and on the other side their otherness. This is what makes it often so difficult to get to know each other. My approach to this topic is reflected in the way I chose to present the pictures of the Muslim community: people rushing by, silhouettes captured from behind, located mostly in the environment of underground stations, where all come together and yet everyone is by himself. In contrast to that, I added portraits that break the distance of the observer, engaging in a dialogue with the people portrayed.

Two worldsBy Matúš Zajac
To whom belongs the city?By Matúš Zajac
A uniting momentBy Matúš Zajac
Come togetherBy Matúš Zajac
Direction MeccaBy Matúš Zajac
OversizedBy Matúš Zajac
Past each otherBy Matúš Zajac
Alone in the undergroundBy Matúš Zajac