Ayse-Gül is a 32-year-old Turkish-German woman from Kreuzberg, Berlin. She is a former colleague of mine. We had always gotten on well, so one day I asked if I could photograph her. We were both so happy with the photos from the first session that we started planning a larger project. For this I accompanied her as she went to her mosque and her favourite cafés and bars. We also spent a lot of time at her home. I was fascinated by the way Ayse-Gül integrated her religious practice so consistently into her day-to-day life, which is what I tried to capture on film. Next year Ayse-Gül and I want to meet again and continue the project. We may also have the chance to include her family. The image captions are taken from discussions with Ayse-Gül, which we wrote out and decided on together.

“Who am I?”By Jana Ritchie
“After every trip I take I’m so glad to return home.”By Jana Ritchie
“I don’t just live in Kreuzberg, I also spend my free time in different cafés.”By Jana Ritchie
“It is important for me to concentrate before every prayer.”By Jana Ritchie
“Prayer gives me inner calm and security.”By Jana Ritchie
“The reflection of thought.”By Jana Ritchie
“I’m also a night owl.”By Jana Ritchie
“Am I just one of many or am I something special?”By Jana Ritchie