A Friendly Perspective

I portray my good friends who I describe as hearty, open-minded, supportive, in a bad or in a good mood … the adjective Muslim comes way down the line. A Muslim friend of mine told me that Muslims get a bad press because they are associated with terrorism and fanaticism. I think she is right and that’s why I’ve participated in the zenith Photo Award, in order to show scenes of every-day life that rarely feature in the media. People living their lives, wondering about the weather for tomorrow: It’s those people that make up the majority of Muslims worldwide.

Sajjad Sheikh hails from Lahore, Pakistan. He likes to cook, chicken with rice is his favourite dish. When asked about his origins he answers: From the country with the sweetest mangos.By Ina Siebers
When Ahmad Ismailiat was a child, his parents had to leave war-torn Beirut, and travelled to Germany via France. He was raised in East Frisia and moved to Leipzig to pursue his studies.By Ina Siebers
Tarek Elsourani and Bri Schröder: Tarek is a Palestinian ‘Easterner,’ born in the former East Germany. His father is Palestinian and his mother German. His girlfriend Brie has German and Irish parents. By Ina Siebers
Ismene and Sonia Laraki: Ismene’s father is from Morocco, her mother from Berlin. During a semester abroad, Ismene met her future husband Elias. They agreed on a name for her daughter that works in both Morocco and Germany: Sonia.By Ina Siebers
Amir Kalhor: Amir came from Iran to pursue his studies in Germany six years ago. He has been living in several German cities and has now settled in Leipzig. He plays the Taar, an instrument of traditional Persian classic music. By Ina Siebers
Vicky Ziegler: Vicky was raised by a Palestinian step-dad and has just finished her studies as an interpreter for Arabic language in Leipzig. Her fiancé is from Pakistan. By Ina Siebers