Mrs Schröder

Mrs Schröder is 48 years old. She has been living in Berlin for 22 years, has two kids, is divorced and a single mother since 2010. She has been working as a travel agent, a community counsellor and educator. At the moment, she is preparing for her final exam in education sciences and giving part-time private lessons for people in need. Her story could be the story of any German woman. The difference is that Emine Schröder’s life has been significantly easier, since she adopted the German surname of her first husband. Only a closer look reveals how both Turkish and German culture affect her every day life and that of her children.

Emine leaves for home after a meeting with her new boss at the Berliner Stadtmission, a church-run charity.By Giovanni Lo Curto
Helping with homework before lunch.By Giovanni Lo Curto
Emine and her daughter Bengisu take a snack, talk and watch TV.By Giovanni Lo Curto
Emine meets with her friend for a barbecue.By Robert Chatterjee
Photography is Emine’s passion and hobby. This is her at an exhibition by her favourite photographer Ara Güler who is also the owner of a famous restaurant in Istanbul where she has already dined.By Robert Chatterjee
During her visit to the exhibition, her daughter Bengisu calls. She needs a ride from school because she is unwell. Emine has to hurry to get back to work.By Giovanni Lo Curto
Emine and her Turkish friends in a café.By Giovanni Lo Curto
Bengisu has painted a picture for Dede’s birthday. Her mother helps to wrap it properly.By Giovanni Lo Curto
Emine takes her children to Capoeira training. She likes driving and often takes her children on trips.By Giovanni Lo Curto
Rojan at the Capoeira training.By Giovanni Lo Curto
During her children’s training sessions Emine watches, reads a book or talks to other parents.By Robert Chatterjee
Emine, Rojan and Bengisu on their way to Dede’s birthday.By Giovanni Lo Curto