Ten years after the nail bomb

It has now been ten years since the nail bomb attack in Keupstrasse, Cologne, but the recovery has really only just begun. It was only with the self-revelation of the National Socialist Underground (NSU) that it became clear that the perpetrators were neo-Nazis. Ten years after the nail bomb is a series of eight photos, a photographic stroll through this ill-fated but lively street that feels now foreign, now totally familiar. They’re photographic highlights of Keupstrasse’s Muslim inhabitants laughing, mourning, talking and so on, people who seem to have returned to their everyday life.

The window of the barbershop in Cologne’s Keupstrasse, near where the nail bomb exploded, along with photos from 2004 and a likeness of the bike that the bomber transported the bomb on.By Gerhard Bonse
In a courtyard on Keupstrasse, preschool children are taught in both Turkish and German.By Gerhard Bonse
People are very enthusiastic about football, and not surprisingly much of it centres on Lukas Podolski.By Gerhard Bonse
They are proud of their homeland, Turkey, but they also cherish Germany and they fly the black, red and gold.By Gerhard Bonse
People chat out on the street to pass the time while they wait for the hairdresser. By Gerhard Bonse
When the weather is nice, people go out into the street and prepare Turkish specialties that they then sell to pedestrians passing by.By Gerhard Bonse
These people lost a family member and a dear friend. They meet up for a moment to mourn together.By Gerhard Bonse
She radiates joy and it is not only the photographer who is enticed by her smile.By Gerhard Bonse