Ramazan Bayram

How do Muslims in Germany celebrate the feast of breaking the fast? How do traditions that shaped the childhood at home continue after decades? At the third day of Ramazan Bayram (Eid al-Fitr), I accompanied a Turkish family from near Kassel for one day. Between hearty welcomes, exuberant plates and playing children a photo series emerged that documents a nearly normal, unstaged and cliché-free day of a German-Turkish family that has been living in Germany for decades. Moments of typical family life in today’s Germany, where over seven million people with migration background enrich the country with their cultures.

At a family party, traditional tee from the Samowar is a must. Natural tea concentrate, sawarka, and hot water are filled into small jars. Originating from Russia, this method of tea preparation has a long tradition in Turkey as well.By Christian Schauderna
Casual talk among women, then a surprised moment: Only when I released the button did they notice they were being photographed.By Christian Schauderna
Whereas the family sits around the table, this little girl prefers to eat her meat skewer while playing.By Christian Schauderna
Fascinated by the photographer: As soon as the camera is pulled out of the bag, four children arrive, curious about who has come to join their family picnic.By Christian Schauderna
The family who hails from Trabzon, practices the Halay, a folk dance from Turkey that also exists in other Middle East countries.By Christian Schauderna
Arranging a group photo: While the adults stand ready, the kids are still fooling around.By Christian Schauderna
Amusing a young cousin as an essential part of family life – just as is the barbecue and common meal.By Christian Schauderna
The barbecue at the third day of Bayram is served with plenty of grilled meat, from chicken wings to Turkish sausages – all halal, of course.By Christian Schauderna
A dreamy look in the distance, while the women either chat or perform a traditional dance from their home region in Turkey.By Christian Schauderna
During a chat I learn that she has worked on an art project for the documenta contemporary art exhibition in Kassel and has both feet on the ground.By Christian Schauderna
During the Halay, a traditional dance from Turkey, the person holding the handkerchief leads the group of dancers.By Christian Schauderna