Diyalog – Hanover’s Integration School

Hannover’s Integration School is located right in the city centre. It was founded seven years ago by Fatma Colak, a Muslim Germanist. Today Muslim teachers, secretaries and students are a part of the everyday life of the school. In language courses, integration courses, and homework sessions students learn about tolerance and also how to prepare for German citizenship. Personally I love travelling and I’m very interested in other people, their cultures and religions. In the context of contemporary political discussions I wanted to offer an example of successful integration. That’s why I chose the Fatma Colak’s project, which shows how just far commitment can take you. Today the Diyalog Integration School is an integral part of daily integration in Hannover.

Fatma Colak is the founder and director of Diyalog, Hannover’s Integration School. She studied German studies in Hannover. She had the idea for the wide-ranging project seven years ago.By Axel Heise
Meral Karahan and Sevgi Dogu are the school’s two secretaries.By Axel Heise
Karahan is always in a good mood and is always ready to respond warmly to students’ needs.By Axel Heise
Dogu and Karahan check over the applications.By Axel Heise
Office discussions from desk to desk.By Axel Heise
Everything must be done correctly and precisely. Colak is happy to help clarify any uncertainties.By Axel Heise
Karahan gives information about the new course times by telephone. By Axel Heise
Persian teacher Maryam Krauss-Rahini is committed to her naturalization courses. She assiduously helps her students achieve successful completion, teaching them about the German system of government and the rights and responsibilities.By Axel Heise
Two students exchange ideas in the classroom.By Axel Heise
Krauss-Rahini is available to answer questions and offers help if problems arise.By Axel Heise
Colak checks her calendar.By Axel Heise
Akif, Colak’s son, runs the school’s website.By Axel Heise